Jed, the owner of Plot, was given the opportunity to learn the skills of becoming a barista by a local coffee shop owner 8 years ago and as a result runs his own mobile coffee business. 


It is now the aim of Plot to offer the same opportunities that Jed had, giving young people the skills to embrace the opportunities that the coffee industry has to offer. We are using what we have learned as a specialty coffee business and the networks that we have made to train local young people to gain the skills in becoming a barista and working with the general public.

We offer positions within Plot to get involved in the running of our coffee pitches at events and our pop up coffee shop in Deptford Market. Together with our existing networks within the industry we also help place those who complete our course into work with other small businesses.


Our Becoming a Barista workshop is a four-day course that teaches participants the practical skills to become excellent baristas in a workplace environment and to confidently serve the general public. With a mix of practical workshop learning, visits to coffee shops and roasteries, and introductions to local business owners, on completion of the course the participants will have obtained the skills and knowledge necessary to work successfully within the industry and discover the exciting opportunities it has to offer.


Creating experiences and opportunities with great coffee



We seek to introduce the world of great coffee to those who can truly benefit, through expert brewing, friendly service, knowledgeable teaching and end to end support.

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Creating experiences and opportunities through great coffee​



Plot Coffee Services is driven by how exciting, creative, and expansive the world of specialty coffee can be; the flavour, the experience, and the opportunity it can generate.



We look at how to achieve these qualities by addressing the barriers and stigmas that can cause the industry to be restricted and unapproachable for many.

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The quality of the coffee has always been very important to the success of Jed’s business. By maintaining this quality Jed was able to focus on other aspects of the business.​

Barista course for young people

Barista course for young people

giving young people the skills to embrace the opportunities that the coffee industry has to offer.

If you are interested in our Becoming a barista course for young people and to find out if you eligible to take part please get in touch


Plotting a course for the next generation of experts

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