Jed’s story began with the need to find a job and earn some money within an industry he was particularly drawn to.

He had zero experience in the coffee world but he loved how sociable and creative the specialty coffee industry could be. He soon discovered, by applying for many baristas positions, he lacked the necessary skills to further himself or even find a part job within this industry.​

This enabled him to flourish in a creative and social way, opening pop up shops in Camden, London Bridge and Deptford, and attending events all over the UK, serving great coffee wherever he was.


The quality of the coffee has always been very important to the success of Jed’s business. By maintaining this quality Jed was able to focus on other aspects of the business. He is now sharing his extensive experience and knowledge gained over the years through training, support and development with people who aspire to better themselves and the businesses they are involved in.  

Creating experiences and opportunities with great coffee



We seek to introduce the world of great coffee to those who can truly benefit, through expert brewing, friendly service, knowledgeable teaching and end to end support.

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Creating experiences and opportunities through great coffee​



Plot Coffee Services is driven by how exciting, creative, and expansive the world of specialty coffee can be; the flavour, the experience, and the opportunity it can generate.



We look at how to achieve these qualities by addressing the barriers and stigmas that can cause the industry to be restricted and unapproachable for many.

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Jed was eventually given an opportunity by a local coffee shop owner who saw potential in him and his desire to learn a new skill.

This barista position gave Jed the opportunity and the confidence to gain experience in the industry and to eventually start his own business as a mobile coffee vendor


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